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  "ClipFix is so easy and intuitive to use."
- Tom D. Financial services company

"We have over 100 locations including 11 remote offices. The down time that ClipFix will prevent and tech labor savings will be great!"
-Diane F. Retail Operations

"I can't believe no one has thought of this! The pack will pay for itself after the first use."
-Dan C. IT system installer​

"Those connectors break all the time. What a great idea!"
-Heather T. Cloud computing company

"It's kind of funny. Normally, I have to find room in my budget to buy something my business needs. But, when I buy ClipFix,I actually create room in my budget"
-Harry B. Financial Institution​

"The guys from ClipFix gave me tons of free samples that I have been using as my calling card to my customers in the IT field. They love it and it boosts my reputation for providing valuable solutions"
-Vic H. IT Sales