PE Foam Double-Sided Adhesive Tape (Wide 4/5 in; Long 16 Ft) -Outdoor and Indoor Super Strong

PE Foam Double-Sided Adhesive Tape (Wide 4/5 in; Long 16 Ft) -Outdoor and Indoor Super Strong

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PE Foam Double-Sided Adhesive Tape -Outdoor and Indoor Super Strong Foam Seal Strip for Automotive MountingWeatherproof Decorative and TrimCar Trim StripPhoto Frame (Wide 0.8 in; Long 16 Ft)




SUPER HEAVY DUTY ADHESTIVE TAPE: high quality  LED tape, Total 16ft/5M, 0.8inch width, thickness:0.08inch.

  • FLEXIBLE AND EXTENSIBILITY: simple peel, No gluing, No heating, No screwing and No wall damage. foam tape can be extended for suitable your needs.
  • WATERPROOF  VHB: very high bond PE foam tape suitable for most surfaces, including installation outdoors or in damp locations. suitable for almost all LED strip
  • CLEAR REMOVABLE MONUTING TAPE: remove slowly when you don't need it, It does not leave sticky residue and does not peel off the surface coating

Name: Red film PE foam double-sided tape

■Thickness:1 MM, length 5 meters/16Ft,Width:19mm/0.8in

■Color: release film: red , colloid: White

■Specifications: can be cut to any width

■Substrate: a variety of high-grade polyethylene foam, special acrylic adhesive

■Features: Strong adhesion, good workability, different shape specifications; strong folding resistance, temperature resistance and aging resistance. Wear-resistant backing, adhesive coating for a variety of surfaces and unique pigmenting technology to meet the requirements of all smooth parts of the body, all car markings, automotive door and window combination and sealing, and suitable for light and small materials The structure is fixed.

1. Used in mobile phones, digital punch type paste;

2. Used for electronic and electrical products to prevent earthquakes!

3. Used on decorations, such as: tops paste; furniture decoration strip paste, mobile phone repair supplies, car decoration strips and so on.

4. Used in general car paste, nameplate paste, wiper paste, etc. ----

5. Paste the letters on the nameplate of all kinds of cars and motorcycles.

6. Car decoration strips, water guide strips, sealing strips, and bonding of panels in the car.

7. All kinds of electrical enclosures, structural bonding of hardware, etc.