Set of!4!Sheets 200caps Self Adhesive PVC ScrewCoverCap9/16

Set of!4!Sheets 200caps Self Adhesive PVC ScrewCoverCap9/16"(1Sheet50caps)White Maple

Integrity Products, LLC

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Adhesive Screw Caps are used to cover exposed screws and nails in all types of furniture. There are 50 caps on each sheet 4 sheets in set. 

Our design and quality provides reliable coverage for screw and nail holes, making them almost invisible!

Self-Adhesive Screw Cover Caps

We combine the latest technologies and highest quality raw materials to manufacture our PVC Adhesive Screw Cover Caps. Our Adhesive Screw Cover Caps have two standard sizes; Ø14mm and Ø18mm. We offer an extensive range of colors and designs for  Furniture manufacturers and assemblers developed to precise requirements and expectations. Also, we offer custom colors and designs in different sizes and patterns regarding to match our clients’ requests and needs.